Chaital: GPT AI Chatbot

Join the AI revolution by integrating the same AI engine that powers ChatGPT into your organization.

What is Chaital?

Chaital is an AI-powered chatbot that gives articulate responses to questions about your organization. Chaital can answer questions from visitors to your website, answer customer questions about your products, and assist employees on their daily tasks.

Easy to Use and Train

Chaital can be up and running on your websites or applications in a matter of minutes. Upload your training data or company profile, check Chaital’s responses in our chat playground, paste the Chaital widget code on your website, and your done!

Unlimited Chatbots

Your single Chaital account will allow you to create Chatbots for multiple websites and use-cases. Create chatbots to engage with your website visitors, on-board employees, provide technical support to customers and staff, and more.

  • Interview Bot
  • Software/App Manual
  • Ask me How
  • Chatbot

Designed For Business

We will integrate and customize Chaital to your unique business requirements.

  • Chaital can access your various databases via API to automate its training and store its responses.
  • Chaital can crawl your website to ensure that information it provides is up-to-date.
  • Chaital can integrate with your various communications channels such as Viber, Whatsapp, and FB Messenger.
  • Access to technical support and assistance on how to train and fine-tune your chatbots.

Developed by the Philippines’ Premier Custom Software Developer

Chaital is owned and operated by EACOMM Corporation. EACOMM has been developing innovative and customized software for businesses since 2001 and is trusted by Fortune 500 companies and Government Organizations Worldwide.

Subscribe to Chaital Today

Chaital subscription starts at just Php 888.00/month. Fill out the form below to know more!

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