Director 11 Coming Soon

After four years in limbo, Macromedia (now Adobe) Director is finally getting an upgrade! EACOMM has been authoring various multimedia applications using Director since 1999, fully utilizing (and oftentimes pushing beyond its limits) its  fantastic features such as a built in 3D engine, multi-player support, 3rd party-“xtras”, and highly developed scripting language.  Director has been the backbone of over half of EACOMM Corporation Multimedia Division’s Interactive Multimedia Projects such as CD/DVD authoring, interactive kiosks, on-line games and virtual tours.  We are particularly excited to see how the 3D engine has improved, with DirectX 9 Support and a new Physics Engine.

Needless to say that this software upgrade would probably determine the ultimate future of this once top multimedia authoring software. It has lost a lot of ground to its ‘younger brother’ Flash, and if developers (us included), do not see any significant and  ground breaking improvements in Director 11, then sadly this might be the last version we’ll see of this application.

Barring further delays expect Director 11 available for sale within the first quarter of this year and is already available for pre-ordering.

For more details on what has been improved, click here.