Grandstream Budgtone 101

The Budgetone 101 is an excellent entry level phone. Simple ‘no-frills’ design, reliable performance, and decent documentation and support.
Grandstream Budgetone 101

You can purchase this from on-line stores quite cheap (see previous post) or from local retailers for around Php 7,000.00 up. Grandstream enjoys MASSIVE popularity especially for the Open source VoIP Community, and as far as ‘China Designed’ phones go, I think this is probably the best bet!

The Grandstream line of products in general are quite reliable and it’s GXP-2000 model is to drool for.

Quality-wise, I’d place this in between the cheaper, less known China Brands and the Western brands like Polycom and Mitel. For anyone looking to ‘play’ with VoIP before making any huge investment, 2 or 3 Grandstream phones and a Trixbox Server is the way to go.