Mozcom Launches VCALL VoIP Service

Mozcom launched earlier this week their new consumer-oriented VoIP Service. Specifically targetted to the Filipino Market, the service offers US$0.08/minute calls to the US Mainland. Interested parties need only log-on to and create a FREE account. You can then purchase credit to call on-line using Mozcom’s Pay Easy Service. Vcall also offers US DID termination for Php 750.00/month.

We expect these prices to fall as more and more consumer-oriented VoIP Providers come on-line in the Philippines, from new startups, established ISPs, and the Telcos themselves. Given the wholesale VoIP rates are now in the realm of less than one cent per minute, and DID subscriptions can be had for less than $3.00/month if you know where to look, Mozcom is still charging a pretty hefty margin that should and will come down eventually.