VoIP Made Easy, launched

Greetings! Thanks for visiting our blog. This is basically a blog of and about Voice Over IP technologies, the stuff out there, and trying to put a “common man” spin on what is still a very techie and geeky area.

Lots of people are saying we’re in the midst of a “paradigm shift” in the way people communicate. Unknown to many, a lot, if not most of the “traditional” telcos already use VoIP in International Long Distance Calls and have been enjoying huge margins due to the fact that VoIP is A FRACTION of the cost of what they’re billing the consumers.

Slowly this information is coming out to the public and the public is slowly realizing that they don’t really need the telcos for communications anymore.

Services like Skype and Vonage has emphasized this point further.

It’s exciting times for telecommunications. VoIP is really slated to take over ALL voice telecommunications. This is not the future, this is NOW!

This blog will hopefully help everyone out there in choosing a right VoIP provider for you and gives everyone (including us) a much clearer picture of the future.

ECVoIP Webmaster