Xten Lite and Eyebeam Softphones

Xten Lite and Eyebeam, both products of Counterpath (http://www.counterpath.com/), are the BEST Softphones in market, period. For sheer usability, compatibility with almost any VoIP provider, and sheer volume deployed, it almost doesn’t make sense to try to compete against it or use any other softphone. Softphones basically allows you to have complete telephone functionality (sometimes more) in your computer. However, since a softphone competes with your PC’s resources, it’s typically less reliable than having a separate IP phone or ATA on your desk.


Of course it helps the Xten Lite is available for free! But that doesn’t mean it’s not full-featured or difficult to use, or for that matter ugly. It’s a beatifully designed piece of software that’s perfect for calling using your PC.

Eyebeam has much more loads of features, with it’s support for G.729 compression one of our favorites. It can also do call transfers and 3-way conference calling, which the Xten lite doesn’t support. Its more expensive version is also a Video Phone, although good luck finding someone else to video call.

Unless you’re in dire need of an IAX softphone, Eyebeam and Xten lite is really the way to go when it comes to softphones. We look forward to seeing who will come out with a competing product that’s as nice as this one. 😉