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Custom  Software  Development


EACOMM specializes in custom software development using the latest technologies. EACOMM will help your organization become more efficient and effective in resource utilization through Business Process Automation.
EACOMM utilizes the latest in web and software technologies to deploy anything from a small corporate website to custom-made management information systems. EACOMM Corporation has garnered a variety of accolades and awards for its web and software design and programming efforts including recognition from the Philippine Transit App Challenge, BIDNetwork, The Philippine Web Awards, and the E-Services, E-Business Awards. Our web designers and programmers have core competencies in JavaScript, Java, PHP/MySQL programming, HTML5/rich media site development, and more. We pride ourselves in having the flexibility to cater to almost any type of software requirement, be it a simple website, a mobile application, or a full-blown web-based business software system. It is our philosophy to strike a balance in both form and function in our projects. Thus our applications are designed with easy to navigate menus and fast-loading pages while making sure the design presents our clients’ organizations to their target audience in a visually pleasing manner. Although our clients include top Philippine and foreign corporations, government agencies, and schools; we make sure our application development services allow our clients, particularly small and medium scale businesses, to have a very reasonable return on their investment.


Accounting  System

This Accounting System was developed for a construction company. The primary objective of the development was to monitor the profitability of the company’s ongoing projects. Being a construction company, every project has its own budget, inventory, payroll and purchases , making the accounting system double-tiered. This means that every project has an accounting system that is being monitored by an overall accounting system. The system also helps the management to determine if a project is worth pursuing or not. In addition to this, the system is built on GAAP-based foundations and is accredited by the Bureau of Internal Revenue. The basic modules of the accounting system are as follows:

  • Sales/Receivables/Collection Module
  • Liabilities Module
  • Payments/Purchases/Cost and Expenses Module
  • Chart of Accounts
  • System Backup and Recovery Module
  • Ledgers/Journals Module
  • Financial Reports


HR  and Payroll system  

EACOMM has developed a web-based integrated payroll and HR management system. Being a fully customizable standalone system, it was installed in a man-power agency that deployed more than 3,000 employees to various companies. The system enabled the company to monitor the attendance, performance, and management of the employees’ salaries. The Payroll System also catered to the human resource activities such as employee compensation and benefits, employee performance monitoring as well as its recruitment.

The system has the following key modules

  • Employee Management Module – Maintains data of each employee; Employee history includes suspension/memos, legal, medical and safety histories.
  • Benefits Module – Create, edit and monitor the standard and non-standard benefits for employees such as commissions, training, loans, expense accounts, etc.
  • Employee Recruitment Module – Facilitates job recruitment and automatic job-matching both internally and externally.
  • Payroll Module – Assigns pay grades, pay schemes and salaries of each employee; computes payroll; creates payroll reports/pay slips/etc.
  • Daily Time Record – Defines shift schedules, monitors daily time records, integrates with hardware such as biometric or RFID systems.
  • Reports Generation – Generates reports for both internal and external compliance. (i.e. BIR/SSS/Philhealth/etc…)


Digital Asset  Management System

The Digital Asset Management System was developed as a web-based solution for companies that market construction materials. Digital assets such as images, documents, presentations, brochures, and videos can be uploaded, browsed, searched, categorized, archived and downloaded using the system. The system enabled the company’s marketing staff to search and retrieve documents and images for their presentations and other marketing activities while in the field.

  • Organize – Upload images, documents and videos and specify users that who have access to each file. You can also request on how the digital assets can be categorized; i.e. by date, specified type and/or classification, etc.
  • Store – Scalable and fully redundant file storage to ensures that all your files will never be lost.
  • Secure – Hosted in your very own virtual cloud server. Manage users by segregating them by user-levels. Certain users can upload and download files while others can only browse and download; others can browse only.
  • Retrieve – Search by keywords in the title, by category, or by document type. You can also narrow the search by filtering categories or document types.


Customer Relationship  Management System  

EACOMM Corporation developed a fully customized Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for a leading Software Distributor Company to monitor, manage, and assign opportunities to their account managers and partner resellers.In addition, it also monitors the sales performance of their account managers and the products they are selling. Its main modules include:

  • Opportunity Module
  • Account Manager Module
  • Partners/Resellers Module
  • Reports Module


Pensioner Services  System

The Pensioner Services System enabled a Pension and Gratuity Agency to give their stakeholders timely information about their pension, pension application status, and pension information updating appointments. The Pensioner Services System consists of four modules:

  • Online Status Verification – Pensioners can update their bank accounts where their pensions and benefits can be deposited. They can check and validate their bank accounts in this application.
  • Online Document Tracking – Claiming benefits involves filing applicationsthat pass through different offices. These application allows the pensioner to receive an SMS message that updates them about the status of their application and which office is currently being processing it.
  • Pension Slip Viewing – The pension slip viewing shows the pensioner’s account information and account status.
  • Pensioners Appointment System – Pensioners need to update their status every year. This application lets them select their preferred schedule for appointment. This also serves as a queuing system that the agency management can use to limit the number of applicants per day.


Web Design  and Development  

EACOMM Corporation has created hundreds of websites over the years and it has been one of its core service offerings since its inception in 2001. EACOMM has been an eye witness to the evolution of websites from standard HTML, server-side scripting languages like PHP, Java and Perl, interactivity and animation using Flash and JavaScript, HTML4, AJAX, HTML5, to the responsive and mobile-first websites of today. The vast majority of our projects over the years utilize a Content Management System such as the popular WordPress CMS or its own award-winning Dynamic Online Content Management System (DO-CMS). DO-CMS’ popularity as a website engine stems from its ease of use for non-technical users and its customizability. DO-CMS has been used not only for standard websites but also for Flash-based sites in the past and more recently with Mobile Apps. Websites that use DO-CMS include Government Agencies, Major Corporations, and hundreds of SMEs across the globe.

DO-CMS Ver 5 is nearly a complete rewrite of the DO-CMS software but still designed to be compatible with the dozens of existing DO-CMS websites using previous versions of DO-CMS. Since the first DO-CMS was deployed in 2003, it was designed with three main principles in mind: 



DO-CMS was designed to be flexible and customizable. DO-CMS has powered everything from simple 4-page websites to content managed Flash websites, all the way to full-blown e-commerce and multi-domain websites. It is designed to easily accommodate practically any front-end design thus allowing an organization to have full creative control on how its website appears online. Additionally, the CMS is designed to easily accept new modules and modifications in the back-end included those from 3rd party developers. 




DO-CMS has a simple to use and intuitive web interface, greatly reducing the learning curve in using the system. Absolutely no knowledge of HTML or Web Programming is required to maintain and manage web content using DO-CMS. Thus, the system is ideal for small businesses that do not have the resources to maintain their own web developer/MIS manager and where the responsibility for website updating falls to staff with no web design expertise or even to the business owner themselves. 


 Support and Maintenance 


We see the completion of your website as the start of our relationship and not the end of it. DO-CMS websites come with 99.9% guaranteed up-time as well as support and maintenance agreements ranging from basic e-mail support to 24/7 dedicated technical support. 

 DO-CMS Ver 5 offers the following new and innovative features:

  • Headless CMS – DO-CMS 5 is adopts a Headless CMS design. DO-CMS manages the content and media of independent of the front-end application. This allows DO-CMS to not only be used by web applications but mobile apps as well.
  • Mobile First – DO-CMS 5 adopts a mobile-first philosophy in its design not only for the front-end but also for the content management system.
  • Digital Asset Management – DO-CMS 5 now includes an easy to use digital asset management system that can handle photos, documents, videos, and audio. Search and sort your digital assets and choose which to share online and which to keep secure.


Fleet  Management System

The Fleet Management System was developed for a transportation company that is renting out 400 vehicles to various international and local companies every day. The Fleet Management System enabled the management to monitor the billing and collection, dispatching, maintenance and reservation of the vehicles. Using the system, the management can determine which corporate accounts and vehicles are operating profitably. The main modules are as follows:

  • Reservation Module
  • Dispatching Module
  • Vehicle Checklist Module
  • Billing and Collection Module
  • Driver and Vehicle Database
  • Vehicle Maintenance Module


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