Upcoming Projects from EACOMM Corporation

It has been a few months since this blog has been updated and this is  mainly because we have had to hunker down and complete a few major projects these past few weeks. However, with our tenth anniversary coming on August 2011, we are hoping to launch a number of new products and services to coincide with the momentous event. Below are a few of the projects we have that are already in the pipeline:

  • Updated PhilippineCompanies.com – With now over 15,000 visitors daily and a few thousand dollars in monthly advertising revenue, we can no longer treat this website as a ‘hobby’. Work is underway to streamline the system and make it more robust and user-friendly. First to be launched will be the more powerful company profile engine before the end of this year.
  • New EACOMM Corporation Website – As per our tradition of changing our website every 2-3 years, expect a new look www.eacomm.com by first quarter 2011.
  • DO-CMS Version 4.0 – We are hoping to find the time next year to do a full revamp of DO-CMS and bring it closer to the bleeding edge of Web Technologies. Expect further announcements early next year.
  • Business Apps – We’ve been mentioning our business apps projects all throughout this year and albeit we won’t be able to launch any by the end of the year, we are fully confident that a few applications will be ready before our Anniversary. This would include:
    • Web-based Payroll and HR Management Software – This application will be made available both on a subscription model (SaaS) or deployed in the company’s own servers. The project is in early stages of Alpha Development and we hope to have it ready before mid-2011.
    • Web-based Accounting System – Currently under heavy development using Microsoft’s .NET Framework and targeted for completion by end of 2010. Expect a translation to our favorite LAMP platform before the end of 2011.
    • Web-based Vehicle Repair and Preventive Maintenance System – Ideal for car dealers or companies with a large car fleet. This application monitors repair and maintenance records for automobiles. Beta prototype will be available for evaluation before the end of 2010.
  • Other Web Portals – As some of you may know, EACOMM also maintains other web portals such as www.artesdelasfilipinas.com, www.imagesphilippines.com, and www.philippinepropertyfinder.com. Expect this to be joined by at least two more websites before the end of 2010 and perhaps up to half a dozen more by next year!
  • Tablet Applications – We are confident that  Tablets will be a mainstay of computing in the next few years and as such we will be investing heavily in developing applications for this new platform. EACOMM has almost a decade of experience in PC Touchscreen Kiosks and Web Application Development and as such we feel we are in an excellent position to leverage this experience to cater to the  touch-screen tablets and even smartphone market.

For more information about any of the projects mentioned above, please feel free to e-mail info@eacomm.com or call us via +63 2 438 2986.