Digital Asset Management System

EACOMM Corporation is now offering a Hosted Digital Asset Management System that can provide your organization with a highly flexible and customizable digital asset management system at no capital expense! The digital asset management system is an easy-to-use and affordable digital library for small and medium enterprises, educational institutions, and non-government organizations. Developed as a web-based solution, it is very accessible with no lengthy installation or configuration required. Digital assets, such as images, documents, presentations, brochures, and videos can be uploaded, browsed, searched, categorized, archived and downloaded using the system.



Organize – Upload images, documents and videos and specify users that have access to each file. Define your own categories. You can also request on how the digital assetswill be categorized; i.e. by date, specified type and/or classification, etc.

Store – Scalable and fully redundant file storage to ensure that all your files will never be lost.

Secure – Hosted in your very own virtual cloud server. Manage users by segregating them by user-levels. Certain users can upload and download files, others can only browse and download, and others can browse only.

Retrieve – Search by keywords in the title, by category, or by document type. You can also narrow the search by filtering categories or document types.





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