DO-CMS Version 5

After almost 10 years, EACOMM Corporation’s award-winning Dynamic Online Content Management System (DO-CMS) is releasing its 5th version. DO-CMS Ver 5 is nearly a complete rewrite of the DO-CMS software but still designed to be compatible with the dozens of existing DO-CMS websites using previous versions of DO-CMS.  Since the first DO-CMS was deployed in 2003, it was designed with three main principles in mind:


DO-CMS was designed to be flexible and customizable. DO-CMS has powered everything from simple 4-page websites to content managed Flash websites, all the way to full-blown e-commerce and multi-domain websites. It is designed to easily accommodate practically any front-end design thus allowing an organization to have full creative control on how its website appears online. Additionally, the CMS is designed to easily accept new modules and modifications in the back-end included those from 3rd party developers.


DO-CMS has a simple to use and intuitive web interface, greatly reducing the learning curve in using the system. Absolutely no knowledge of HTML or Web Programming is required to maintain and manage web content using DO-CMS.  Thus, the system is ideal for small businesses who do not have the resources to maintain their own web developer/MIS manager and where the responsibility for website updating falls to staff with no web design expertise or even to the business owner themselves.

Support and Maintenance

We see the completion of your website as the start of our relationship and not the end of it. DO-CMS websites come with 99.9% guaranteed up-time as well as support and maintenance agreements ranging from basic e-mail support to 24/7 dedicated technical support.

DO-CMS Ver 5 offers the following new and innovative features:

  • Headless CMS – DO-CMS 5 is now adopting a Headless CMS design. DO-CMS manages the content and media independent of the front-end application. This allows DO-CMS  to not only be used by web applications but mobile apps as well.
  • Mobile First – DO-CMS 5 adopts a mobile-first philosophy in its design not only for the front-end but also for the content management system.
  • Digital Asset Management – DO-CMS 5 now includes an easy to use digital asset management system that can handle photos, documents, videos, and audio. Search and sort your digital assets and choose which to share online and which to keep secure.

For more information on how DO-CMS can benefit your web presence, contact us at

DO-CMS is powering several significant websites, most using DO-CMS for more than a decade:

Past clients include:

  • Cultural Center of the Philippines
  • AFP Finance Center
  • Philippine Retirement Authority
  • Occupation Safety and Health Center
  • Office of the Ombudsman
  • ePLDT
  • SPI Global
  • Magellan Solutions
  • UP College of Home Economics
  • UP College of Business Administration
  • UP College of Arts and Letters
  • UP Provident Fund
  • Plus over a hundred SMEs all over the world