EACOMM releases Annual Budget Management Software

EACOMM Corporation Philippines is proud to release the second of a series of MS Access-based small-medium scale business applications developed in partnership with AQMA Tech Solutions, a software development studio focused on business software development and IT consultancy.

AQMA Annual Budget Management Software addresses both administrative and financing needs as to setting up Annual Company Budget and monitoring actual levels of budget consumption. AQMA-ABMS was designed to help management keep track of its budget consumption at the department level and at the expense account level. The system has an intuitive design that allows users access to different system features based on their user access rights.

The software comes with 4 modules: System Module, Database Module, Budget Module, and Reports Module.

  • System Module – includes creation of User Types to determine access to system features; creation of User Accounts with corresponding password setting to define who is allowed to use the software; System settings to customize screen resolution and color themes; Log-in History monitoring
Add Users to the System


  • Database Module – includes management of System Tables such as add/edit/export the List of Expense Accounts, List of Payees or Service Providers. Manage a Department’s profile including its Code, list of sub-departments or sections within the Department, and List of Employees within the Department

    Setup different Tables which will be shared within the Department (such as list of Department employees) or within the whole Organization (such as list of Payees).
  • Budget Module – includes capability to modify Tables such as calendar years, request status and list of Budget Request approvers. Capability to create/edit/export Annual and Monthly Budget records at the Department level and at the Expense Account level; create/edit/export Budget Requests log with an option to print a supporting Budget Requisition Slip showing monthly and year-to-date budget balances.
    Budget Allocation Per Expense Account


    Budget Allocation Per Year Per Month

    Add/Edit/Print a Budget Requisition
  • Reports Module – includes capability to view/print/export built-in reports which includes Budget Balances per month and per year, Budget Balances per expense account; Budget Allocation per Expense Account, and Budget Request History.
    View, Export and Print Reports


    Full Customizable Reports

AQMA ABMS has the following special features:

  1. Define unlimited number of users and their corresponding access rights for a multi-user environment
  2. Define unlimited number of Expense Accounts as the Company may see fit
  3. Exportable tables and other data in MS Excel or MS Word format
  4. Record locking/unlocking capabilities to prevent accidental editing of system records
  5. User-intuitive design and ready to use

For customization, AQMA ABMS can be modified to fit your needs. Examples of customizations may include: (a) adding levels for data recording and monitoring such as Expense sub-accounts; (b) additional reports; (c) additional system features such as Cheque printing capabilities; plus any other customization that you may require.

For more information regarding this product please contact:

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