EACOMM Corporation is proud to announce its newest website:

eForuli.com – Online ePUB e-Book Storage. Store, Download, Read and Share your E-Books

With the growing proliferation of e-book readers, tablets and smart phones, there’s not a whole lot of ways to organize and manage your e-book collection, particularly across multiple devices. eForuli.com allows you to upload your e-book collection be it a few dozen or a few thousand and upload and organize this on-line. No need to fill up your phones, tablets or readers with hundreds and hundreds of books. Just upload all of it to eForuli.com and download what you want to read as and when!

Currently supporting the open standard ePUB format, we plan to include support for other popular e-book formats in the very near future. You can view the ebooks online before downloading, search, create folders and assign keywords and genres to your ebooks to easily locate and catalog them. Also available is a ‘share’ function where you can ‘lend’ your favorite e-books for your friends to read.

The site is currently running on Live Alpha Testing. In the next few weeks we will be including more powerful features such as:

  • Facebook integration – post reviews, links, quotes and more from your favorite e-book to your Facebook profile. Let your friends know your favorite books, what you’re currently reading, etc.
  • ePUB creation – we’re rapidly developing a simple web-based ePUB creator. Publish your own e-book and share them to your friends!
  • Amazon integration – tired of reading from a screen and want the feel of paper? one-click integration to Amazon.com‘s vast collection is coming soon!
  • Support for other e-book formats – upload and store pdf, doc, txt, and other formats.

Sign-up now and enjoy unlimited e-book storage!