IoT Solutions by EACOMM: 20+ years of innovative systems development.

Since 2001, EACOMM Corporation has been at the forefront of delivering seamlessly integrated hardware-software solutions through its seasoned team of electronics, communications, network, and computer engineers. Today, these integrated solutions have evolved into what is now commonly referred to as the “Internet of Things” (IoT). Below are some key IoT solutions that EACOMM has handled over the past twenty-plus years:

Smart City System in Northern Philippines

In 2018, EACOMM developed a comprehensive e-governance system for a city in the Northern Philippines. This system boasts dynamic forms and processes, multiple payment gateways, various mobile apps, and seamless IoT integration with phones and CCTVs. The result is an interconnected urban infrastructure that enhances efficiency, transparency, and citizen engagement.

IoT Solutions for Smart Cities

Real-time Weather and Environment Monitoring in Australian Agriculture

EACOMM developed real-time dashboards and map visualization for a leading provider of IoT services for the Australian agriculture industry. By monitoring sensor data from client farms and integrating information from sources like the Australian Bureau of Meteorology and, EACOMM’s solution empowers farmers with real-time, critical insights for informed decision-making.

IoT solutions for Large Scale Agriculture

Real-time Transit Data Collaboration with Google

Since 2012, EACOMM has collaborated with Google to create static and real-time feeds using the GTFS and GTFS-RT data formats for various locations, including the Philippines, Singapore, Jakarta, Queensland, and Bangkok. This initiative has significantly improved public transportation experiences by providing commuters with accurate and up-to-date information.

Port Management System Proof of Concept

In 2021, EACOMM designed a proof-of-concept for a port management system. The system would utilize Vessel Traffic Services (VST) and Automatic Identification System (AIS) data to automate the management of ship docking and movement.

Public Transport Monitoring Across the Philippines

Collaborating with the Philippine Government, EACOMM developed a public utility vehicle (PUV) monitoring system. This sophisticated system captures and analyzes real-time GPS data from over 100,000 PUVs nationwide, addressing issues like overspeeding, out-of-line routes, bus bunching, and providing estimated arrival times. It also contributes to traffic monitoring initiatives, enhancing overall transportation management.

Real-time Livestock Management for Poultry Farms

EACOMM’s IoT expertise extends to agriculture with real-time livestock management solutions. By utilizing mobile apps, CCTV, and environmental sensors, EACOMM enables poultry farmers to monitor conditions such as temperature and humidity, ensuring the well-being of their livestock.

IoT solutions for Poultry Farms

Real-time Temperature Monitoring: Ensuring Cold Chain Integrity

EACOMM provided GSM/SMS-based real-time temperature monitoring for cold warehouses across Metro Manila for a major veterinary medicine distributor. This initiative is crucial to maintaining the integrity of cold chains, especially in the pharmaceutical and food industries.

Odyssey Super Kiosk: A Glimpse into the Past

In 2005, EACOMM developed an interactive kiosk called the Odyssey Super Kiosk. This platform allowed users to download ringtones, MP3s, videos, wallpapers, and more in Odyssey Music Stores, providing an early glimpse into the evolving landscape of digital content distribution.

Data Transmission over FM Radio: Bridging the Gap from 2001 to 2003

In the early 2000s, EACOMM developed a proof-of-concept for transmitting data to LED billboards for AdSpace Specialists Inc. using unused frequencies in FM radio stations. This pioneering effort demonstrated EACOMM’s ability to adapt and innovate, even in the nascent stages of IoT development.

EACOMM Corporation’s IoT projects are a testament to our commitment to technological innovation and the transformative power of connectivity. By seamlessly integrating IoT solutions into various industries, EACOMM continues to push the boundaries of what is possible, creating a future where connectivity enhances efficiency, sustainability, and overall quality of life.

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