Luopan Feng Shui Compass Android App

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The Luopan Feng Shui Compass, is a simple, easy-to-use Chinese magnetic compass on your Android phone! The app takes into account your Chinese horoscope, gender, and the direction you want to diagnose and provides you an interpretation of that given direction. It will also provide some suggested remedies in case the direction is unlucky for you. The compass and all the interpretations are in English.
Feng shui was developed in China over 3,000 years ago and was set to balance the forces and energies of a given space or area. It is believed that the practice of Feng Shui can help assure good fortune, good health, happiness, and prosperity. The Luopan or Chinese Compass has been an diagnostic tool used by Chinese Feng Shui masters for thousands of years. Today, Feng Shui consultants use this tool to find the most auspicious compass directions for their clients. This app will help you apply these ancient Feng Shui principles to your daily life.

Find your auspicious directions using your smart phone by downloading this App today!