New Top Level Domains

The vast majority of web users are only aware of the ‘traditional’ Top Level Domains (TLDs): .com , .org, .net. and .edu plus the ‘Country’ domains like .uk, .ph, .jp, etc. In recent years newer domains like .asia, .biz, .info came about. This year, the number of TLD’s are due to EXPLODE. The governing body for TLD’s called the   Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers or ICANN started rolling out these new domains last year and you can find a couple of them starting to go online. Basically ICANN has decided to expand the list of available TLD’s to make it easier for website owners to classify their website. A full explanation of the rationale for this push is in this ICANN Website and a summary of the history of TLD’s is in the infographic below:


Some of the new domains include .directory, .singles, .guru, .company and HUNDREDS more! There is currently a “land rush” for all these new TLDs and as a result the prices for these have skyrocketed. Wikipedia offers this list of new TLD’s but quite a few more are added every month.

EACOMM was able to reserve as the potential new home of the popular business directory website.

For more information or assistance in getting some of these new TLD’s please contact us and we can set one up for you!