Setting Up Google Adsense for Domains in Dreamhost

For those of you who have idle domains parked/hosted with Dreamhost, below is a short walk-through on how to use Google’s Adsense for Domains on your Dreamhost domain(s).

  1. Go to Domains -> Manage Domains and locate the domain you want to use Adsense for Domains on. On the Web Hosting Column (the 3rd from left) on DELETE for the selected domain. If you don’t do this, the DNS settings for the domain will be “locked” by Dreamhost and you’ll get an error saying that your entries are invalid or have a duplicate.
  2.  Next, click on DNS on the first column under the domain name of you site. If you did the first step correctly there shouldn’t be a lot of entries left for “Non-editable DreamHost DNS records for” section.
  3. Make sure the Nameservers are pointing to Dreamhost (,,
  4. Next, on the custom DNS section, type”www” for the name, then select “CNAME” for the type and for the “value” put in where pub-xxxxxxxxx is your unique Adsense for Domains ID. (you’ll find this on the Adsense Setup-Adsense for Domains in
  5. Once done with that it’s time to put in four (4) A records pointing to the following IP Addresses with the “name field” left as BLANK (as oppose to the walkthrough here: which says you need to put an “@” value:
  6. Host Name/Alias Record Type Value/Destination
    <LEAVE BLANK!> A (address)
    <LEAVE BLANK!> A (address)
    <LEAVE BLANK!> A (address)
    <LEAVE BLANK!> A (address)
  7. After step 5 go back to your Google Adsense account and click “Request Ownership Verification” on the Actions drop-down.

That’s about it! Just wait a few hours and your site should be verified and ready for customization via Google Adsense.

6 Replies to “Setting Up Google Adsense for Domains in Dreamhost

  1. Thank you my friend, that was very helpful. I had just about given up, and decided to search on google to find out if others had the same issue…that damn @ was a pain.

  2. you rock. got it setup easy. hardest part for me was figuring out how you remove hosting without removing whole domain from your account. savior!

  3. I did exactly what you told me to do and now when I go to my website it says 404 Not Found Google Error on my web page. Will my site come back up when Google Adsense accepts my website. Will you please help me out. Thank you

  4. Just an update – I’m the guy and I think I’ve figured out the problem. You guys should post what website you’re trying to get working because it seems a lack of, or inclusion of the “www” may cause Google to not pick it up.

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