Currently under development is EACOMM’s first foray into internally designed and produced computer games. For the past years we’ve developed and launched a variety of interactive software and games for various companies both here and abroad, and we think it’s about time we develop one for ourselves. Albeit our clients are still top priority, most of what little ‘downtime’ we might have will be devoted into development of this and other original software content.

Our first release will be A massively multiplayer, web-based game on the traditional sport of Cockfighting. A very popular Filipino pasttime, Cockfighting is treated as an art and a science by its thousands of Filipino enthusiasts. The game will feature:

  • Players can buy roosters to raise, fight and breed.
  • Sophisticated ‘Breeding’ system wherein players can develop unique breeds of Gamecock.
  • True 3D Cockpit where 3D rendered roosters will fight it out.
  • Variety of tournament formats (derbies).
  • The game will run on a PHP/MySQL website with Shockwave and Shockwave 3D game elements.

The game development will (hopefully) follow the schedule below:
October 2005 – ‘Text-based’ version of the game will be ready for playtesting.
December 2005 – 3D models and animation will be fully incorporated into the game.
January 2006 – Launch of Alpha Version for invite-only play.
March 2006 – Launch of Beta Version for open registration/free-play.
June 2006 – Formal Game Launch/Completion.

Interested parties willing to collaborate, contribute, playtest, etc…are invited to contact the development team at: We’re particularly looking for:

– 3D animators/modelers interested to participate in the project
– Game programmers
– Breeders and Enthusiasts willing to lend there knowledge of the sport