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Mobile App  Development

EACOMM revolutionizes the way you do business by maximizing the advantages of mobile and smartphone technologies.

While the era of the desktop computer may not yet be over, the ever-increasing computing power we are able to bring in our pockets has shown that mobile apps will only get more complex and powerful in the coming years. EACOMM Corporation works with its clients to design and develop mobile solutions for both Android and iOS that would not only improve their work processes but potentially revolutionize the way they do business by maximizing the advantages of mobility and smartphone technologies. EACOMM Corporation as been actively developing mobile applications since 2010 for a diverse number of use cases including survey/research tools, games, and more.

BPLO Inspection  System

The Business Permit and Licensing Offices (BPLO) of towns and cities are tasked to conduct regular inspections of businesses within its jurisdiction. The BPLO Inspection System automates this process through a mobile app that can be deployed on both Android and IOS. The mobile app facilitates the inspection process and data can then be uploaded to a centralized server once an Internet connection is detected by the app.

A web-based application consolidates the data collected by the inspectors and generates reports and data analytics. It can also integrate with existing BPLO software systems through built-in APIs.


Transit  Planning  

In 2012, EACOMM Corporation was approached by Google Southeast Asia to assist them in collecting Metro Manila mass transit data for Google Maps. To accurately and quickly gather data on the multiple bus and rail routes across the metropolis, EACOMM developed a custom Android Application to log and trace trips in real-time while riding in various transit modes. The application was designed to be quick and simple to use with a feature for taking photos of key stops and station information. These trip logs were then uploaded to a web application where they were translated to GTFS Format. GTFS or General Transit Feed Specification is an open standard for representing public transportation schedules, fares, and geographical information. The GTFS Feed data was in turn submitted to Google to be included in Google Maps. Through the utilization of mobile research technologies, it is estimated that as much as 3 months was cut from the project schedule and the project was delivered using far less man-power than initially anticipated.


Agent Presentation  tool

EACOMM has developed several mobile-based presentation tools that synchronize to a cloud-based content management system. Via a centralized web application, marketing managers can upload survey forms, videos, slide shows and documents and assign these to various field agents. The agents then log into an Android application and synchronize with the central server to download content assigned to them. The agent can then proceed to present the various multimedia presentations, issue product quotations and request respondents to fill up survey forms. On completion, these forms are uploaded to the central server where they are collated, analyzed and summary reports are automatically generated.


Mobile  Gaming  

In the past 20 years, EACOMM has developed a number of web-based and downloadable games of varying complexities. EACOMM has developed relatively simple games such as card, word and puzzle games all the way to more complex applications such as an interactive baseball game, online multiplayer games, driving simulators and more.

We continue this tradition by developing various types of cross-platform games using the latest mobile and web technologies.


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