TigerNetcom Telephony Adapters

In the course of our research on Asterisk compatible devices, we encountered these two very nice devices from a small Startup Shenzen Company: TigerNetCom.

Gate 103


The Gate 103 is similar to the Linksys PAP2 or the more recent SPA2002. It’s a dual FXS port Analog Telephone Adapter or ATA. It supports SIP protocol and a the usual codecs you’d expect (G711,G729, etc…). Removing all the technicalities, you can use it to connect 2 “normal” analog phones to the world of VoIP.

Still doing testing on its reliability, but so far so good. It’s pretty stable, has a nice web interface and an easy to use phone-based configuration. It’s very affordable, and would probably retail at around US$80.00.

It has IP passthrough so you save on setting up another line to your switch as well.

GATE 104


The GATE 104, although practically exactly in appearance as the 103 is by far the superior product. It has one FXS and one FXO port. This means, if you have this at home, and you have a friend in another country, that friend can call this device’s FXO port and he will get a dial tone in YOUR Country, thus saving him IDD Charges. ALSO, your other friends in your own country can call your phone number, get a dialtone, and they’re connected to the VoIP network and the world of 1 cent/minute calling!

I don’t know about you guys, but I find that simply fantastic! As it lets your friends with no broadband or VoIP capability benefit from your VoIP connection!

A similar ‘high-end’ device would be the Linksys SPA3000 which offers the same functionality at a bit of a higher price.


Both devices are excellent low-cost alternatives to the more popular brands. Both use Texas Instruments chipsets (not China-made ones) and thus some reliability can be expected. Voice quality is better than most IP phones we’ve tested. Go out and buy one if you can! Or visit http://www.tigernetcom.com and resell them in your neck of the woods!