Yuxin YWH500 IP Phone


Very affordable, decent looking IP Phone.

For Manufacturer’s Specifications:


Our Take on it:

  • Based on the ARED Fox PA1688 Chipset which also powers ATCOM, ARTDIO, and other phones (as far as we can tell).
  • Native SIP Support.
  • Supposedly supports Power over Ethernet…haven’t tested though.
  • Supports IP pass-through, which saves you the need of an extra port available in your switch.
  • Excellent Codec/protocol support
  • Asterisk IAX protocol support via firmware update
  • Has all the expected features of a pbx phone
  • Tends to “hang” sometimes, particularly if you put it in static IP
  • Value for money

Verdict: We’d recommend it as a way to introduce yourself to VoIP telephony. We have serious doubts with its long-term reliability, but it looks sturdy enough. Enterprise grade solutions would do well to go with the “known” brands for an additional $20-$40 such as Linksys, Polycom, etc…