A look into Santa Claus and his New Generative AI-powered Workshop

2023 has been a breakout year for generative AI technologies, and as the Holiday Season falls upon us, we can’t help but think about how Santa and his helpers are utilizing AI to help improve the efficiency of his factory up in the North Pole.

Naughty and Nice List Generator

With AI’s ability to detect sentiment and intent, we won’t be surprised if Santa is using it to analyze children’s behavior and generate his Naughty and Nice List with improved accuracy.

Generative AI Santa

Gift Recommendation System

Santa can use generative AI to analyze the wish lists of children worldwide and generate personalized gift recommendations based on their interests, age, and behavior throughout the year. This could help Santa create a more customized and enjoyable gift-giving experience.

Generative AI Toy Designer

Santa can use generative AI image generation technologies to help his elves design new toys that he can 3D print in his workshop.

Generative AI Personalized Christmas Cards

Expect more insightful and touching letters from Santa this Christmas as he makes use of LLM and generative AI to automatically write Christmas cards for you and your family.

Route Optimization

Santa might just finish his rounds earlier than usual this year as he utilizes AI to optimize his delivery routes across the globe.

EACOMM has dedicated much of 2023 to developing software that taps generative AI to create software tools for its partners and clients similar to what Santa may have installed in his workshop.

In June, EACOMM released the Chaital Generative AI-powered Chatbot, now being used not only as a website and Facebook Messenger chatbot but also as an automated tech support and help desk assistant built into software systems deployed with our clients.

Running for several months now is a system developed for Google Maps that uses generative AI to detect and categorize social media posts from Metro Manila’s light rail providers and convert them to GTFS-RT service alerts.

The second half of the year saw the prototype release of Elisha Insights, Elisha Telecom’s flagship AI analytics system that automates quality assurance and compliance monitoring in contact centers. Elisha Insights is currently being piloted in several large contact centers in the Philippines and the United Kingdom, with an imminent production release in January 2023.

Nearing completion is a multi-media workflow manager for our partner Academ-e that would radically accelerate its production process for the upcoming MATATAG Curriculum transition. Through the use of generative AI, the workflow manager automates video asset creation, text-to-speech, and event development of storyboards and quizzes.

2024 should be an even more exciting year for generative AI as it further improves and matures and as companies find more and more use cases for this transformative technology.