The First Philippine Physical Internet National Symposium

In a groundbreaking initiative, a consortium of dedicated professionals and scholars successfully organized the 1st Conference on the Physical Internet, held on November 22, 2023, at the University of Asia and the Pacific in Pasig City.

The conference, operating under the theme “Meeting the Global Logistics Challenge in the Philippines through the Physical Internet,” sought to address the pressing issues faced by the logistics industry in the country. The term “Physical Internet” (PI) refers to an “open global logistics system founded on physical, digital, and operational interconnectivity through encapsulation, interfaces, and protocols” (Montreuil et al, 2013). Drawing inspiration from the concepts of the ‘Digital Internet’ (DI), the PI model aims to revolutionize the movement and storage of physical products.

This groundbreaking event was made possible through the collaborative efforts of a Special Interest Group (SIG) dedicated to researching the Physical Internet. Comprising scholars and industry practitioners, this SIG has been actively working towards implementing the vision of the Physical Internet for the logistics sector in the Philippines.

The conference provided a platform for experts, academics, and professionals to exchange insights, share research findings, and explore innovative solutions. Attendees engaged in discussions on the challenges and opportunities posed by the integration of the Physical Internet into the logistics landscape of the Philippines.

EACOMM’s Managing Director, Mike Torres, participated in the conference by sharing how it would be possible to build the System of Logistics Networks. The presentation highlighted the various technologies needed to realize the Physical Internet. EACOMM’s experience in AI, IoT, and custom software development are cited as examples of how Filipino companies, engineers, and developers are ready to help develop this groundbreaking revolution.

EACOMM's capabilities useful for the Physical Internet
EACOMM: Laying down the foundations of the Physical Internet

For those seeking further information, the conference organizers invite interested parties to visit the official website for comprehensive details. The website serves as a valuable resource, offering insights into the conference proceedings, research materials, and ongoing initiatives related to the Physical Internet in the Philippines:

Download EACOMM’s Presentation here: The Physical Internet – Building a System of Logistics Networks