Academ-e Philippines

EACOMM Corporation is proud to announce our latest project, developed in partnership with Achievers Special Education Center, a private educational institution that caters to gifted and fast learners: Academ-e Philippines. EACOMM leverages almost 2 decades of multimedia and web application development experience in delivering interactive multimedia e-learning content for Academ-e.

Academ-e is a growing collaboration between parents, students, academic institutions and other organizations to make sure equitable access to education, in the age of hybrid online learning, is made available to learners. Its vision is to ensure students continue to receive a formal education, no matter the circumstance. Academ-e is supported by the technical expertise of EACOMM Corporation for its software development and hardware requirements; and by the academic expertise of Achievers Special Education Center for its academic resource and online syllabus development requirements.

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