Edutech companies promote outsourcing of the development of e-learning solutions to the Philippines

EACOMM Corporation is the technological partner of Academ-e Multi Media Solutions Inc. An e-learning content development company with a focus on primary and secondary education.


(28 August 2020) – Two education technology (edutech) companies in the Philippines promoted the country as a destination for outsourcing e-learning solutions during the webinar on “Getting your school/company ready for distance-learning: Outsourcing the creation of effective e-learning solutions” on 27 August. Mikhail Joseph Torres, Director of Technology of Academ-e Multi Media Solutions Inc. and DM Varun, Co-Founder and CEO of SkillBean served as resource speakers during the 3rd installment of the 8-part “Global Business Processes Powered by the Philippines Webinar Series”. The online event is organized by the Philippine Trade and Investment Centers (PTIC), Embassy and Consulates General of the Philippines in the United States. The webinar series aimed to promote the Philippines as the preferred destination for outsourcing and offshoring among small and medium-sized businesses in the United States.

Torres gave an overview of the impact of COVID-19 in the educational system around the world. He noted that the “global pandemic has led schools, universities, and colleges to offer alternative means to deliver education services while teachers, parents, and students learned to adapt to new teaching methodologies and distance learning.” Edutech companies in the Philippines can assist in the development of software systems, platforms, and e-learning content, as well as provide alternative learning systems to address the growing need for distance learning solutions. “With labor rates that are 40-80% cheaper than in the US, Philippine companies are able to develop customized educational solutions to schools at costs lower than options currently provided by US vendors,” Torres added.

DM Varun, meanwhile, shared the global developments in the learning and development sector and how companies can leverage on offshore talents to meet training needs of employees. He noted that “about 54% of employees will require significant re-skilling and upskilling in just three years.” More and more companies are now realizing the value of online learning with studies from Branon Hall suggesting that e-learning may boost knowledge retention by 45-60%. He encourages businesses to look into outsourcing e-learning solutions to the Philippines citing competitive labor rates, availability of talent, fast turn-around time, and affinity to US culture as some of the key differentiating factors that make the country a top destination for outsourcing in the edutech space.

Academ-e is a provider of e-learning solutions to schools. The company combines the knowledge and decades of experience of renowned and respected academic professionals with the 20+ years of interactive multimedia development experience of its technology partner: EACOMM Corporation. Meanwhile, SkillBean (formerly STORM Learning) provides learning experience platform where employees can upskill themselves and track and reflect on their learning patterns and behaviors to be able to keep up with the demands of the ever-changing workforce. The company envisions to become an avenue to create holistic learning and development experiences for both its learning partners and partner companies.

The recorded version of the webinar is available at the Philippines ITBPM YouTube Channel: