Artes de las Filipinas Presents The Philippine Art Book (First of Two Volumes)

Artes de las Filipinas welcomed the year 2022 with its latest publication, The Philippine Art Book, a two-volume sourcebook of Filipino artists. The data gathering for this book began in the year 2012 and was completed in 2020 to give time for artists’ interviews. Scattered interviews and correspondence to artists’ kins and exhaustive library research and available records were utilized in writing the entries of each artist.

The book has become an A-Z guide to more than a thousand artists and is a good resource for readers interested in the works and biographies of Filipino artists. Its distinguishing feature is that it covers the lives, works and artistic activities of acclaimed, lesser-known, obscure and contemporary Filipino artists who have contributed to the flowering of Philippine art history for the past nearly five centuries. It is also designed to add interest and understanding to the reader’s visits to exhibitions and museums as well as aid the study of past and contemporary art. More importantly, the writing provides updates to reflect new scholarship, revised articles, bibliographies and corrections of past research to all classes of students and users for self-education or as a starting point for further investigation.

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Artea de las Filipinas is the publishing arm of EACOMM Corporation. Its first book Private Collections was released last 2009.