EACOMM Corporation New 20th Anniversary Logo

EACOMM Corporation, as part of its 20th-year celebration, is launching a new Logo to usher in the next decades of its existence. The original EACOMM Logo symbolizes the convergence of various technologies and their unification in the digital world.

Back in 2001 when EACOMM was founded, it was still unheard of to think movies, phone calls, emails, games, work applications are all available in one single connected device. Today, smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, and even televisions, essentially offer the exact same unified functionality with the only difference being in terms of screen size, portability, speed of Internet access, and processing power. In essence, the concept of technological convergence has been achieved.

Our new logo still shares the ‘essence’ of the original one but symbolizes several aspects that defines EACOMM Corporation as a software development studio. The overall shapes of the logo are a reference to the  Agile Software Development Process:


Source: Freepix.com

The circular arrows and loops within loops indicating “Scrums” that develop specific modules of a larger system are all abstracted and seen in the new logo. Aside from this, the two intertwined ‘rings’ in the middle are also the classic symbolism of partnership and working closely together. This is the essence of how we approach our clients. Only through working closely with our clients can we develop systems and applications that are truly tailor-fitted to their requirements.

Finally, looking at the logo from a bit farther, the two rings look more like a figure 8, or the symbol of infinity. This is our vision and hope that the first 20 years of EACOMM Corporation is just a fraction of the organization’s existence and that EACOMM and its values and ideals will span multiple generations and continue to be the Philippines’ Premier Multimedia and Web Developer for decades to come.