AsterConference Asean Roadshow 2007

AsterConference Asean Roadshow 2007
which will be held at the following cities:
Jan 31, 2007 Jakarta Venue: Le Grandeur Hotel (formerly Dusit Hotel)
Feb 2, 2007 Manila Venue: Linden Suite, Ortigas
Feb 5, 2007 Bangkok Venue: Arnoma Hotel
After a successful AsterConference in Kuala Lumpur on Oct 31, 2006, the organizer, SEC Training and Expo together with JCMEX as one of the sponsors, is bringing this Asterisk Conference right to your door step. The conference will feature a panel of regional speakers plus local speakers from each of the country who will be speaking on the exciting development and technology of Asterisk. This conference targets anyone, especially business owners, decision makers, IT Managers, entrepreneurs, solution providers, who is interested to learn and know more about Asterisk and its benefits it brings to a company.