Blast from the Past…Part 1: EACOMM Presentations

EACOMM Corporation is celebrating its 10th year anniversary this year and we thought we’d bring back to light some of our past works, projects and presentations. To start, below are some power-point presentations we’ve presented over the years in PDF format:

Building a Web-Based Marketing Channel – This presentation was shown in 2005 to groups of Filipino Export Companies in the hopes of convincing them to market their products online. It discusses basic on-line marketing, developing an effective website, and an introduction to e-commerce.

EACOMM-introduction to 3d game programming – This presentation was conducted for a organization of Ateneo Computer Science Majors in 2003. It provides a brief introduction on 3D game programming and the available technologies for development during that time.

Real-time-data-transmission-over-FM-sub-carrier-frequencies – This paper was a presentation on EACOMM Corporation’s R&D efforts in developing a data transmission system using unused bandwidth in FM Radio stations way back in 2002. This is one of our favorite research endeavors even after nine years given the novelty of the concept.

Wireless Data Transmission over GSM Short Message Service (GSM-SMS) – This R&D project aimed to provide a means of data transmission over GSM-SMS (A relatively new concept in 2003 when this system was proposed).

Innovative Applications of Asterisk Open Source PBX – This was presented in Asterconference Roadshow Manila last February 2, 2007. It discusses the potential applications of the Asterisk Opensource VoIP PBX Platform.

Introduction to CSS2 – This is a presentation EACOMM uses to brief its new web designers and developers on CSS2.0 when it was still not being thought in schools. You can download the presentation along with references and examples by downloading this file:

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