Call centers, IT storage demand behind Cisco growth in RP

By Alexander Villafania
Posted with Permission from

NETWORK company Cisco said the bustling call center business and the IT storage requirements of various industries are the main drivers for its growth in the Philippines.

The company’s Philippine office did not disclose actual financial figures but reported 36-percent year-on-year growth in terms of bookings for purchases of its products in the Philippines as of the end of its fiscal year 2006 in July.

Most of its business came from the IT storage industry, which contributed a 333-percent growth in bookings, followed by the call center industry with 100-percent growth as of fiscal year 2006.

Meanwhile, Cisco Philippines’ wireless network and network security businesss contributed 107 percent and 66 percent each.

Cisco’s worldwide revenues reached 28.5 billion US dollars in its 2006 fiscal year. The US market still is the company’s main market at 53 percent, followed by Europe with 22 percent and Asia Pacific with 11 percent.

Japan and other emerging markets contributed four percent each to Cisco’s overall revenue growth.