Digium announces release of New Products

High Performance Echo Cancellation – For quite some time now, Digium has been offering On-board Echo Cancellation for its TDM2400 and TE series of cards, while those using the smaller TDM400 cards are left to tweak echo cancellation using Asterisk Software. Last Feb, Digium announced the availability of High Performance Echo Cancellation that users can download and install for FREE if they own a Digium Card or can purchase for US$10.00 if they don’t. HPEC is available directly from the Digium Website.
We’ve yet to test the HPEC but Digium claims it provides ‘Carrier-Grade Echo Cancellation’. The catch though is the tremendous CPU Power that the HPEC will consume: “Digium recommends that users requiring 8 channels at 1024 taps run a PC comparible to a 3.0 GHz Pentium 4, while users only requiring 4 channels at 1024 taps may run a 2.5 GHz Pentium Celeron”

Nonetheless the added CPU load could be a small price to pay if it makes it easier for all of us to create the ever elusive ‘Echo-Free’ calls we’re all looking for.

TDM800 Series – Also this February, Digium has announced the availabilty of its TDM800 Series of Cards. Addressing the ‘middle range’ between its TDM400 entry level series and the TDM2400 cards. The TDM800 can accept both the X100M Single FXO and S100M Single FXS daughter cards as well as the X400M Quad FXO and S400M Quad FXS cards.

There are 2 Available slots for Quad Modules and up to 4 available slots for Single Modules. Giving a configuration of 1-6 or 8 slots (mix of FXO and FXS). The TDM800 does not come with the Echo Cancellation Module available for the TDM2400 and TE series cards but the Digium’s HPEC software can provide Carrier Grade Echo Cancellation for this PCI card.

The TDM800 Series is available for purchase on-line for the Philippine Market from EACOMM’s Online Store.