DO-CMS Enterprise Edition .NET Version 1.0 Released

EACOMM Corporation is proud to announce the release of Microsoft ASP/C# .NET version of its award-winning business website content management system: DO-CMS. Based on the LAMP-based DO-CMS Enterprise Edition version 3.03, the system was translated to support servers using Microsoft IIS7 or higher and MS SQL 2008. The system was written using C# and ASP .NET.

DO-CMS EE .NET is designed to cater to businesses and enterprises heavily invested in the Microsoft platform and who do not wish to ‘mix and match’ linux and windows-based solutions. With DO-CMS EE .NET, we can integrate the website CMS with existing microsoft-based systems more easily and on a single platform or server.

All the core modules such as the easy-to-use Page Editor, Calendar engine, Photo Gallery module and the popular Membership and Newsletter Engine have been converted. Other popular modules such as the DO-CMS E-commerce engine are expected to be ported within the next few weeks.

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