EACOMM Corporation Becomes the First Zabbix Reseller in Philippines


Zabbix SIA has added EACOMM Corporation, the first Zabbix Partner in Philippines, to the vast network of official Zabbix Resellers.

EACOMM Corporation, founded in 2001, is an experienced developer of custom-built information systems for businesses across the globe, specializing in custom software development, mobile application development, IoT solutions and also AI and cognitive computing.

EACOMM strives to help organizations to become more efficient and effective in resource utilization through Business Process Automation, and provides hardware-software solutions that rely heavily on in-depth knowledge of not only computer programming but electronic, network, and communications engineering.

“It is our philosophy to strike a balance in both form and function in our projects. Thus our applications are designed with easy to navigate menus and fast-loading pages while making sure the design presents our clients’ organizations to their target audience in a visually pleasing manner.”

Zabbix SIA has the utmost confidence, that EACOMM Corporation with its experience and skilled workforce will play an important role in widening the client-base of Zabbix, enabling streamlined access to Zabbix services and resources to companies in need of IT infrastructure monitoring solutions in Philippines.

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