EACOMM Integrated Solutions now offering VoiSmart VoIP GSM Gateway

EACOMM Corporation Integrated Solutions division is excited the announce the availability of the VoiSmart vGSM Series VoIP GSM gateways. This is the first 100% Asterisk compatible PCI bus card, for multiple channel (up to four) GSM communication management.This board allows systems integrators to transform highly priced fixed to mobile voice traffic into a much cheaper mobile to mobile call management, with considerable savings.

No external gateways needed.

100% compatible with EU and US GSM networks (900/1800/1900 MHz) and with Brazil and Japan networks. SMS are handled in native modality, thanks to a new Asterisk application for messages TX and RX, available free together with this board.


The VooSmart vGSM cards are available for ordering and purchase at the EACOMM On-line Store