June 6, 2007 Hacking Incident

On Early morning Philippine time, some of our virtual servers hosted with Dreamhost were broken into and a number of webpages vandalized. EACOMM provides hourly, daily and weekly backups of all its web sites and as of noontime of June 7, most, if not all websites have been recovered to its original state. This marks the second time EACOMM servers have been hacked in the company’s six years in existence. At both times recovery of all client sites took approximately 24 hours.

For our clients, please notify web@eacomm.com of any further problems with your webpages that might have been overlooked during the recovery process. Please understand that we had to recover a few dozen websites in a span of just 24 hours so please forgive our support team if your specific site or webpage was overlooked.

Despite of this we stand by our choice of using Dreamhost for most of our website hosting needs, however,if any client wishes to be hosted elsewhere, please notify web@eacomm.com and we will provide you viable alternatives to our main hosting servers. EACOMM currently maintains 2 Virtual Servers in the United States, 1 Dedicated Server in the UK, and 2 Dedicated servers in the Philippines. Note that web hosting prices vary depending on which server you prefer.

For more information about the hacking incident, Dreamhost’s official report on the matter is posted here: http://www.dreamhoststatus.com/2007/06/06/security-breach/