EACOMM Philippines offers IoT as a Service

EACOMM Corporation is proud to launch its newest product offering that provides realtime data and analytics to your business by deploying IoT (Internet of Things) sensors and devices on a subscription basis. Requiring little to no capital outlay, your business can immediately realize the benefits of realtime data and analytics while minimizing the risks involved. iottablet


For the Agricultural Sector, EACOMM Corporation is now offering free trials of its IoT Solution called ARK: Realtime Livestock Management. ARK is a cloud-based agricultural management system that leverages IoT (Internet of Things) and Mobile technologies to deliver relevant data to farmers and integrators in realtime. The system is designed to utilize a variety of environmental sensors that measure temperature, humidity, gas content, air pressure, light levels, etc and analyze and compile these readings into meaningful insights for the farm managers. Contact us at info@eacomm.com for a demo and free trial of ARK Realtime.

For the Industrial Sector, EACOMM provides custom software development using various IoT devices to provide realtime data. Example applications range from monitoring and control of environmental conditions in specialized warehouses, safety and environmental controls for factories and processing plants,  and logistics and fleet management.

For More Information on how you can use IoT as a Service for your business, email EACOMM Corporation at info@eacomm.com or call us at +632 438 2986.