EACOMM releases Fixed Asset Management Software

EACOMM Corporation Philippines is proud to release the first of a series of MS Access-based small-medium scale business applications developed in partnership with AQMA Tech Solutions, a software development studio focused on business software development and IT consultancy.

AQIL MAGNUS Fixed Asset Management Software addresses both administrative and accounting needs as to maintaining fixed asset records. AQMA-AMS follows standard accounting procedure as defined by the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). The software maintains a database of fixed assets and automatically computes for depreciation expense (via straight-line depreciation method) and computes for the asset’s book value. The software also allows the user to properly assign the asset to a specific department/ employee / and even to a specific location for easy administrative handling. This asset assignment feature allows for the proper allocation of depreciation expense for accounting report purposes.

AQIL MAGNUS takes into account the asset’s date of purchase, asset life span (in months), salvage value, purchase price with or without the Value Added Tax (VAT Rate), before it computes for the depreciation expense per month.
AQIL MAGNUS has the 4 basic Asset Types (Equipment, Furniture, Leasehold Improvement, and Computers) and it offers the flexibility of further classifying assets with the Asset Class and Asset Subclass level of classification.
The software comes with 4 modules: System Module, Administrative, Accounting, and Reports Module.

  • System Module – includes database customization commands, table set-up, User creation/password setting, plus other system-related functions.
  • Administrative Module – includes Asset Record creation, Assignment of Assets to Departments/Employees/Location, Selling an Asset, and Writing-off an Asset.
  • Accounting Module – includes depreciation expense and book value computations. Computations can be done in an aggregate level, at the department level, or at the employee level. Asset depreciation begins on the month following the asset’s date of purchased.
  • Reports Module – includes built-in reports that list assets by company, by department, by employee, and by location.

AQIL MAGNUS has the following special features:

  1. User Log-in/Log-out to determine access rights
  2. User creation with built in User Types (Admin, Accounting Staff, Admin Staff)
  3. Table purging to reset database contents
  4. Built-in reports
  5. Database/Record maintenance capabilities
  6. Customizable codes to fit your asset tagging procedures
  7. User-friendly and ready to use

For customization, AQIL MAGNUS can be modified to fit client’s specific needs. Examples of customizations may include: (a) changing the asset depreciation method;  (b) User Types customization; (c) Log-in/out monitoring; (d) additional reports; (e) color-customization; plus any other customization that the client may require.

We are currently offering a Trial Version for download which allows up to thirty (30) log-ins.  For the trial, please use USERNAME: User, Name  PASSWORD: password. Note that the application requires MS Access 2003 or higher to run.


For comments, suggestions or further information regarding this product please contact:
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