EACOMM R&D Labs has just released a proof of concept website: This website is an example “mash-up” of Google Maps and Google Custom Search Applications. It was developed to showcase how two relatively easy to setup yet extremely powerful technologies can provide a powerful and useful tool for the general public.

To use, simply use the map controls to zoom and pan across the map of the Philippines to a specific area of interest. Clicking on a point in the Map will initialize Google Map’s reverse Geocoding facility and indicate the specific region as stored in Google’s database. Clicking the “Search for Property in this Area” link will pass on the Geocoded data to Google’s Custom Search to search for property in that area using some of the more popular property listing websites in the Philippines. Alternately you can just enter the specific area you are interested in as text in the search box provided (but that takes away the fun part!).

Note that we are looking to improve and offer more features in the near future so feel free to check back every now and then!


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