EACOMM to introduce Biometric Security Integration in its products soon…

The use of biometrics for secure access has become prevalent in recent years. Biometrics refers to the utilization of “unique” physical or behavioral characteristics to identify a specific person. The most popular application is for a fingerprint lock used for door access (such as the examples in the previous link) or for computer security such as those used for laptops and desktops.  These function by using a small scanner to detect the minute patterns unique in each of our fingers (the forefinger is typically used in biometric systems as opposed to the thumb which is used in ‘traditional’ fingerprint recording).  However, biometric security also includes Iris Recognition currently popular in high security areas such as data centers and even Voice Pattern Recognition which can be used to verify identity remotely such as over the phone.

Fingerprint locks and other biometric devices provide several advantages, the most obvious of which is that you no longer need a key to open the door, thus avoiding the classic problem of losing a key and  locking yourself out (or in).  It is also a lot simpler to use, say for access for the disabled or even small children. Lastly, as these locks are digital in nature, integration to a variety of software applications (i.e. access logs and employee time records) is a lot simpler than traditional systems.

EACOMM Corporation’s Integrated Solutions Division is currently exploring a variety of projects utilizing biometric security.  This includes integration of biometric door access devices with its suite of web based SME office management software (particularly its upcoming HR/Payroll system) and the exploration of over-the-phone identification using Voice Pattern Recognition utilizing an Asterisk PBX System (“My name is John, and my Voice is my Password”). As technology in this area progresses in the next few years, expect biometric detection to be present in more aspects of our lives.