PRISM Responder: Incident and Hazard Reporting App Powered by AI

Incident and Hazard Reporting Mobile App

In the ever-evolving fields of risk management, safety, and insurance, professionals are constantly seeking tools that can streamline their workflows and enhance their effectiveness. Enter PRISM Responder, a cutting-edge mobile application specifically designed for incident and hazard reporting. Conceptualized and designed by Mr. Daniel Barlicos, a veteran with over 44 years of experience in risk management and insurance programming, and developed by EACOMM Corporation, the Philippines’ premier custom software developer, this app promises to transform how professionals respond to and manage risks on-site.

Meet the Visionary Behind PRISM

Mr. Daniel Barlicos brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the design of PRISM (Predictive Risk, Insurance, and Safety Management) system. With specialized competencies in employee benefits consulting, behavior-based safety, loss control management, and insurance brokerage, he has spent decades refining a universal risk management system. PRISM integrates seven key risk management disciplines: Enterprise Risk Management, Business Continuity Management, Crisis Management, Compliance Risk Management, Portfolio Risk Management, Loss Control and Safety Management, and Insurance and Claims Management.

Developed by the Philippines’ Premier Developer

EACOMM Corporation, the Philippines’ leading custom software developer, partnered with Mr. Barlicos to bring PRISM Responder to life. With over 20 years of experience serving Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and top educational institutions, EACOMM Corporation has a proven track record of delivering high-quality applications and systems.

PRISM Responder

The Power of PRISM

PRISM Responder is part of the PRISM array of applications designed to ease the work of professionals in Enterprise Risk Management, Loss Control and Safety Management, and Insurance and Claims Management. While these applications are valuable individually, they become even more powerful when integrated into a single enterprise-wide system. This integration connects all workflows, allowing organizations to perform all risk management functions on one platform with a unified database.

Tailored for Filipino Professionals, Ready for the World

PRISM has been developed with Filipino risk, safety, and insurance managers in mind, working across various industry categories. Although designed for Philippine professionals, the applications conform to ISO standards, making them suitable for international users as well.

For decades, Filipino professionals have diligently worked to help their companies and individuals adapt, evolve, and thrive amidst disruptive risks. However, organizational silos and disparate data sources have hindered their ability to provide data-driven insights for sound risk-taking decisions. This fragmentation increases the total cost of managing risks (TCOR), stifles innovation, and conceals risks, creating a disconnect between their efforts and organizational goals.

Empowering Professionals with Predictive Knowledge

PRISM Responder was developed to empower risk, safety, and insurance managers, enabling them to become influential figures within their organizations. By utilizing PRISM tools and predictive knowledge from a single-source database, users can generate relevant data analytics and powerful reports, transforming them into high-caliber professionals.

Rapid Incident and Hazard Reporting with PRISM Responder

PRISM Responder is an AI-powered mobile application designed for risk, safety, and claims professionals to quickly respond to incidents on-site. Its real-time navigational features allow users to gather data and report to management teams the magnitude of risks, hazards, and the extent of damage and injury from an incident.

Key Features of PRISM Responder:

  • Incident and Hazard Reporting: Users can narrate incidents and hazards, generating accurate transcriptions in up to 50 languages.
  • Geolocation and Photo Documentation: Incidents and hazards are geolocated with the option to take multiple photos.
  • AI-Powered Summary Reports: Create comprehensive summary reports with the help of AI.

This app is particularly useful for inspectors and surveyors who regularly visit the field to identify and recognize risks and hazards that could potentially become incidents if not addressed with appropriate controls and mitigating measures. By using PRISM Responder, professionals can collect and gather relevant data in real time, managing risks and controlling the potentially damaging effects of hazards in any environment.

PRISM Responder will be available at the Google Play Store very soon! For more information about PRISM Responder, email us at Or call us at +63 2 7217 0372.