EACOMM Corporation makes it to the OA500

EACOMM Corporation, one of the Philippines’ premier custom software development studios specializing in IoT, AI, mobile, and software development, is proud to be included in Outsource Accelerator’s 2024 OA500 report. Ranking at number 463 among the top outsourcing companies globally, this recognition underscores EACOMM’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the outsourcing industry.

EACOMM OA500 Top 463

Outsource Accelerator, renowned as the premier global outsourcing marketplace, annually releases its OA500 report, utilizing an objective methodology to evaluate and rank the top 500 outsourcing firms worldwide. The 2024 report, leveraging over 20 public metadata points, provides a comprehensive view of the global outsourcing landscape, highlighting key trends and insights.

Here are the key highlights from the 2024 OA500 Analysis:

1. Industry Growth: The OA500 firms collectively generated a remarkable $590.87 billion in revenue, reflecting a notable 13.8% increase from the previous year. Despite constituting only 17.5% of companies, they account for a significant 94.7% of the industry revenue and 97.9% of the total industry workforce.

2. Online Presence: While OA500 firms captured 92.5% of the total industry web traffic, there was a concerning 23% year-on-year decline in online traffic. This trend underscores the evolving landscape of digital engagement and presents opportunities for strategic online positioning.

3. Global Dominance: The presence of the top 500 firms spans across 11,493 locations worldwide, with over half headquartered in the United States. This global footprint underscores the widespread impact and reach of outsourcing services.

4. Employee Satisfaction: Small and mid-sized OA500 firms garnered an average Glassdoor rating of 4.1, indicative of positive workplace cultures and high employee engagement. Conversely, large OA500 companies maintained an average rating of 3.7.

5. Emerging Trends: The healthcare outsourcing segment witnessed substantial growth, fueled by the ongoing healthcare staffing crisis in the United States. Furthermore, emerging technologies and specialized services are poised to unlock new capabilities, driving organizational transformation.

Derek Gallimore, Founder and CEO of Outsource Accelerator, remarked, “The 2024 OA500 report provides unparalleled insights into the top 500 outsourcing firms globally, offering a comprehensive analysis of their progress and industry trends.” This report serves as a valuable resource for stakeholders navigating the dynamic outsourcing landscape.

While professional services giant Accenture retains the top spot, EACOMM Corporation’s inclusion among the elite ranks of the OA500 underscores its dedication to delivering exceptional outsourcing solutions.