Academ-e will be ready for the new DepEd MATATAG Curriculum

Academ-e Multi Media Solutions Inc. is planning to ensure that its next-generation Digital Learning Materials will be ready and compliant with the DepEd MATATAG Curriculum come next school year. Academ-e’s Primary Interactive (PI) Learning System provides Grades 1-6 students in the Philippines with a multi-modal and highly interactive alternative to traditional textbook-based learning.


As Academ-e’s Technology Partner, EACOMM works hand-in-hand with Academ-e’s esteemed content editors and authors to utilize the latest in AI and multimedia technologies to create world-class digital learning materials for Filipino elementary school students.

A Digital Textbook Alternative

Academ-e’s digital learning materials are tailored to the Department of Education’s Elementary Curriculum. Gone are the days when students needed to purchase and bring heavy textbooks to school. Each learning topic is provided with interactive videos, printable teacher and student learning guides, and performance assessment tools. Teachers are no longer burdened by the need to prepare lesson plans and presentation materials, as Academ-e provides them all.

The PI Learning System is designed to be deployed in a variety of teaching modalities. There are interactive videos that can be viewed online or offline, printable handouts and quizzes, as well as the option to deploy all content via a learning management system that can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud.

Academ-e Digital Learning Content is available for the following subjects for Grades 1-6:

Proven to Improve Student Engagement and Learning Outcomes

Academ-e has been in use by private schools since SY2020-2021. Comparative analysis of student grades pre-utlization of Academ-e content against during utilization of Academ-e content has shown time and again an improve of student grades. In early 2023,

Academ-e content was tested for feasibility of use in public schools. Across three public schools where Academ-e learning materials were deployed, teachers surveyed observed across the board improvement in student engagement and performance. Suddenly, students were eager to go to school to watch the next interactive video lesson.

Ready your school for the MATATAG Curriculum

Find out how your school can painlessly transition to the MATATAG Curriculum with Academ-e’s textbook-free, digital mode of learning. Contact Academ-e to schedule a presentation with your teachers and parents today.