Generative AI Technology: A New Breakthrough for Customer Service

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has evolved significantly, with Generative AI technologies like ChatGPT, MidJourney, DALL-E, and Bard gaining global attention. Generative Artificial Intelligence creates novel content based on its training, revolutionizing accessibility and applications of AI. It has transcended from a niche tool for data-rich organizations to a universally applicable solution, benefiting students, designers, and office workers alike.

Generative AI works by analyzing millions of entries in its data model and generating completely new content (images, text, videos, music, etc.) based on the instructions you provide it.

Generative AI works by analyzing millions of entries in its data model and generating completely new content (images, text, videos, music, etc.) based on the instructions you provide it.

Generative AI’s potential is particularly promising for customer service. Unlike rule-based chatbots, it comprehends context, learns from data, and produces human-like, tailored responses for each customer.

Personalized Interactions: Generative AI refines its responses as conversations progress, leveraging customer information for personalized suggestions. For instance, a retail customer querying a previous purchase receives suggestions based on order history, enhancing cross-selling.

24/7 Global Availability: Generative AI overcomes temporal and linguistic barriers, catering to global customers 24/7 in their native languages. This unlocks new markets and expands business horizons.

Handling Complex Interactions: Generative AI learns from extensive data, adeptly managing intricate customer scenarios. Its continuous learning improves responses, enabling it to address nuanced queries effectively. Unlike scripted chatbots, Generative AI gauges intent, mood, and conversation flow, automatically escalating to human agents if needed.

Limitations and Solutions

  1. Misinterpretation and Miscommunication: AI lacks emotional understanding, potentially yielding incorrect or tone-deaf responses. Human intervention when detecting negative interactions, and continuous monitoring with training can mitigate issues.
  2. Handling Unforeseen Situations: To prevent AI “hallucinations,” rigorous fine-tuning, prompt engineering, and training are crucial. Responses can be restricted to custom-trained data and self-analysis before replying.
  3. Privacy and Security Concerns: Adherence to privacy regulations, data encryption, anonymization, and minimal PII sharing ensure data security.
  4. Training Data Quality Dependency: Quality training data defines AI capabilities. Ongoing maintenance through fine-tuning, monitoring, and testing guarantees optimal performance.
  5. Generative AI isn’t General AI: While powerful, Generative AI complements human agents and should not replace them. Regular training and fine-tuning ensure effective collaboration.

Generative AI Customer Service Solutions that are available in the Philippines


Chaital GPT AI Chatbot: Chaital is a powerful GPT-based chatbot that can handle conversations and interactions via your website, Facebook messenger, Viber, SMS, etc. Training is easy and can integrate directly with your website content or database.

Elisha Insights is an AI-driven Customer Service Analytics engine that automatically classifies interactions, analyzes sentiment, and evaluates customer interactions using customizable performance metrics.

Both solutions seamlessly integrate with existing systems and offer flexible billing options, ensuring that businesses can harness the power of AI for elevated customer service.