EACOMM Corporation is now an IBM Silver Partner

IBM Silver Partner: EACOMM Corporation Philippines

EACOMM is proud to announce its inclusion as an IBM Silver Partner in the Partner Plus Program. As a partner, EACOMM will be tapping IBM’s decades of experience and market leadership in Enterprise Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Analytics to complement and enhance its custom software development and knowledge services.

EACOMM has been utilizing various AI services from IBM since 2014 via the IBM BlueMix Platform (now IBM Cloud). Watson Speech to Text and Text to Speech, in particular, have been heavily deployed in various systems and services EACOMM has deployed over the past decade. As an IBM Silver Partner, EACOMM is looking forward to expanding its utilization of IBM products and services in its projects and deployments.

EACOMM IBM Silver Partner Offerings

Below are three examples of IBM Watson AI Products that EACOMM is excited to offer in the Philippine Market. As one of the Philippines’ premier custom software development studios, EACOMM can easily support and assist your organization in the deployment and integration of these products into your existing IT systems or even help develop totally new IT applications centered upon Watson AI offerings. All three products have SaaS subscription models available, allowing businesses to affordably deploy and scale these solutions.

Watson Assistant:

Watson Assistant allows you to construct versatile AI-driven virtual assistants via IBM’s platform. It offers a user-friendly creation process that doesn’t necessitate coding, smooth integration with your operational workflows, and impressive visualization and analytics features.

Watson Assistant utilizes advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU)s to understand and interpret user input in natural language, allowing the chatbot to provide relevant and contextually accurate responses. The platform supports integration with other IBM Watson services and third-party APIs, allowing developers to enhance the assistant’s functionality with features like language translation, sentiment analysis, and more.

Watson Assistant continuously learns. Developers can use user feedback and real-world interactions to improve the assistant’s responses over time, making it more accurate and helpful. It is useful for any business types in assisting customers, frontline personnel, and internal personnel.

Watson Discovery

Watson Discovery is an IBM cloud-based platform and service that combines various artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to help organizations extract insights from large volumes of structured and unstructured data. It is designed to enable businesses to quickly uncover meaningful patterns, trends, and relationships within their data, regardless of whether that data is in the form of text, images, or other types of content.

Use Watson Discovery to Connect and ingest data from existing content repositories. Teach Discovery to interpret your data. Enrich data with custom NLU to help it fit your domain. Next, choose whether to 1. Use the query API to get search Results by retrieving relevant data in your applications. 2. Explore your data in Watson Assistant, with the Discovery API, or from the Content Mining application. 3. Submit queries from the product user interface to ask a question in a natural language.


Watson Discovery, offers an array of benefits that significantly enhance business operations. First and foremost, it accelerates decision-making processes by swiftly deciphering and processing critical information. This expeditious analysis empowers organizations to make informed choices promptly, leading to improved overall efficiency. Furthermore, Watson Discovery plays a pivotal role in revenue generation. By swiftly extracting vital insights from a multitude of documents, it enables businesses to identify opportunities, trends, and customer preferences that can be leveraged to drive revenue growth. Additionally, the platform contributes to cost reduction by automating labor-intensive tasks, thereby increasing productivity and minimizing operational expenses.


Central to Watson Discovery’s capabilities are its distinctive features that make it a standout solution. The Smart Document Understanding (SDU) feature enables a comprehensive grasp of key components within enterprise documents, leading to more precise data extraction. Moreover, the platform is adept at transforming images containing text into valuable insights, thereby expanding its scope beyond traditional textual documents. Watson Discovery also excels in aiding document searches for crucial insights, ensuring that valuable information is readily accessible. The platform’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) enrichments further amplify its utility. With functionalities like entity extraction, sentiment analysis, emotion analysis, keyword extraction, category classification, and concept tagging, Watson Discovery provides a nuanced understanding of textual data.

use cases

This versatile tool finds application in diverse use cases across industries. In the realm of legal research, it proves invaluable for sifting through extensive volumes of documents and public data, facilitating more efficient and comprehensive searches. For the insurance sector, Watson Discovery shines in swiftly uncovering answers and insights within insurance documents, customer records, and public data, ultimately expediting processes and enhancing customer service. In call centers, the platform supports automated agents by deciphering and understanding complex documents, thereby providing real-time assistance to human agents and improving customer interactions. In essence, Watson Discovery’s multifaceted capabilities empower businesses to streamline operations, extract valuable insights, and bolster customer satisfaction.

watsonx: AI and Data Platform Built for Business

Recently launched in the Philippines, watsonx represents IBM’s newest AI and data platform tailored for enterprise use, aiming to amplify the influence of AI throughout your organization. The suite consists of three robust components: watsonx.ai studio, which focuses on foundational models, generative AI, and machine learning; watsonx.data, a purpose-built data repository using an open lakehouse architecture; and watsonx.governance toolkit, expediting responsible, transparent, and explainable AI workflows.


A strategic AI approach enhances rapid and efficient scaling. IBM’s method merges generative AI and conventional machine learning. Generative AI uses foundational models trained on unlabeled data, enabling scalability. Traditional machine learning refines accuracy through fine-tuning with labeled data. Introducing IBM watsonx.ai™, an AI studio for enterprises. Utilize foundation models, generative AI, and machine learning to build AI applications swiftly and with minimal data. Craft AI solutions quickly using the Prompt Lab to guide models and create tailored prompts.


To effectively scale AI, trustworthy data is essential. However, many organizations struggle with basic data issues. According to IDC, data volume is projected to grow by 250% by 2025, spreading across various platforms with uncertain quality. This trend can lead to data silos, increased expenses, and complexities in managing AI and data tasks. How can you blend the speed and user-friendliness of a data warehouse with the adaptability and expandability of data lakes to tackle today’s intricate data landscape and expand AI capabilities? The answer lies in optimizing AI and analytics workloads and choosing the appropriate engine based on workload and cost, regardless of data location. IBM® watsonx.data™ platform offers a solution – an open, hybrid, and controlled data lakehouse designed for all data and AI tasks. This solution brings three main benefits to help organizations maximize value from their analytics ecosystem: access data from a single point of entry, set up in minutes, and reduce data warehousing costs by up to 50%.


As AI becomes more integrated into everyday work processes, there is an increasing requirement for preemptive oversight to guide conscientious and morally sound choices throughout the company. Watsonx.governance enables you to lead, oversee, and supervise your company’s AI undertakings. It utilizes software automation to enhance your capacity to reduce potential hazards, handle regulatory obligations, and deal with ethical considerations, all without the significant expenses associated with transitioning your data science platform. This applies even to models created using external tools.

Make EACOMM your preferred IBM Watson AI Partner

EACOMM is your ideal provider for your IT and software requirements that can benefit from IBM’s large selection of Enterprise-Grade AI Platforms. We have over two decades worth of custom software development experience along with a decade of experience utilizing IBM’s PaaS and SaaS solutions. Our over 50 software developers and engineers are ready to help you with projects of any size or complexity. Contact EACOMM Corporation today to find out more about IBM’s AI portfolio.