Customized Asset and Inventory Management System for your Business

The EACOMM Asset and Inventory Management System is a fully customizable software application to manage your organization’s assets and inventory in real-time. The system comes with an easy-to-use mobile app for Android or iOS to manage your inventory and assets remotely as well as a central web-based system dashboard for managing reports, users, and more. The system is ideal for Construction Companies, Wholesalers and Distributors, or any other organization that requires a sophisticated means of managing the movement and location of assets and inventory.

The EACOMM Asset and Inventory Management Solution is accessible through a secure mobile app and a cloud-based web application. The system offers customizable user levels and roles with detailed activity logs to ensure system security. It has an intuitive system setup and allows the importation and exportation of data from csv/excel formats. A key feature as well is its ability to automatically order/requisition items that reach pre-determined quantities while having detailed monitoring of each step of the fulfillment cycle which is tied into a customizable, multi-level approval process. Finally, the system offers custom reports and dashboards, unique to each client’s specific business requirements.

The system’s intuitive Inventory Management module allows the easy management of Inventory types, suppliers, customers, and the like. Inventory can be tracked and assigned to multiple geolocated warehouses, offices, and project locations. The system’s mobile application has a built-in barcode/QR code reader allowing for on-the-ground management and monitoring of inventory.

The Asset Management Module can assign assets to personnel or departments and track assignments and accountabilities. QR/Barcode reading and creation is also available. The system can adapt user-defined depreciation methods that can be assigned per asset type. Finally, the system can also monitor the maintenance and management of assets (such as vehicles and property) as well as manage and monitor the location of each asset.

The EACOMM Asset and Inventory Management System’s key advantage is that it is fully customizable to our client’s specific business requirements. The system has been successfully deployed and is in use by several government agencies as well as large Philippine corporations. As with all its products and services, EACOMM offers flexible ongoing technical support and warranty along with an SLA with a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Learn more about how this system may be entirely tailored to the needs of your organization. Send an email to or phone +632 7217 0372 for further information.