Headless CMS: A New Way to Deliver Content

Headless CMS

A Headless CMS (Content Management System) is a back-end-only CMS that decouples the content management from the front-end delivery. Instead of delivering content through a traditional template-based website, a headless CMS delivers content through APIs to any front-end application or device.

One of the main advantages of a headless CMS is its flexibility. It allows the use of any front-end technology to display the content, such as a website, mobile app, or even a smartwatch. This gives developers the ability to create unique and personalized experiences for their users, regardless of the device or platform they are using. Additionally, a headless CMS allows for easy integration with other systems, such as CRM or e-commerce platforms, which can provide more functionality and better data insights.

Another advantage is the scalability of a headless CMS. Because the content is delivered through APIs, it can easily be used to support multiple channels and devices. This means that as the needs of the business change, the headless CMS can adapt without the need for major redevelopment.

Perhaps the main drawback of utilizing a headless CMS is the need for technical expertise in developing the front-end interfaces. Unlike traditional CMS wherein there are prebuilt templates to build upon, using a headless CMS requires the development of the user interfaces from scratch.  

EACOMM Corporation’s award-winning Content Management System, DO-CMS has adopted a headless CMS approach for its current iteration: DO-CMS 5.0. While maintaining some backward compatibility with previous versions, the headless approach now allows DO-CMS to not only serve data to one or multiple website domains but also to mobile applications or even social media accounts from a single content management backend.

EACOMM has designed and developed over a hundred websites over the past 20 years, most of which utilize DO-CMS as the content management system. Our clients include major Philippine corporations, government agencies, schools and universities, organizations and charities, and dozens of small and medium businesses across the globe.

For more information on DO-CMS 5.0, contact us at info@eacomm.com.