Quick and Easy OpenAI GPT Chatbots on any Website

OpenAI GPT engines have revolutionized chatbots. The free-to-access ChatGPT is one of the fastest-growing websites in the history of the Internet. Integrating with OpenAI’s GPT engines via API, however, costs money and requires a bit of programming know-how. Integrating with GPT would require knowledge of PHP, Javascript, Python, or other web development languages.

If you’re wondering how to have an AI Chatbot in your website or web application without programming, this tutorial will teach you how to use Chaital to embed ChatGPT functionality in your website by simply copy-pasting two lines of code! For a live example of this click on the chat button on the lower right of this web page that looks like this: Chatbot

Signing up to Chaital: OpenAI GPT Chatbot Engine

Chaital is EACOMM’s implementation of an AI Chatbot using OpenAI GPT. To signup for Chaital, request for one-month free use by emailing: sales@eacomm.com. After your free first month, you can opt to use Chaital on an affordable monthly subscription.

Creating your First Chatbot

Once you’ve your account credentials, log in via https://eacomm.com/chaital/login.

  1. Click on “Create New Chatbot”, Give it a name and optionally a description of where you plan to use it.
  2. Next, click on “Customize” where you can define the required information to ask the chatbot user before they engage with the AI. By default, users are asked for their email before using the chatbot. You can ask for other things like phone numbers, company, etc. Note that data entered as required information is included in the training of the AI chatbot.
  3. Also in the “Customize” section are options to change the Chatbot’s icon, color schemes, etc. You can also customize pop-ups, errors, and other message prompts.
  4. Next, you need to “Train” your chatbot. Training can be done by uploading doc or pdf files, linking your website sitemap or RSS feed, or simply typing in your training data straight into Chaital. Training text is limited depending on the type of Chat Engine and subscription tier you are in. If you’re building a complex chat system like chat support for a web application, we suggest using multiple chatbots vs. having one “know-it-all” chatbot.
  5. Once trained, you’ll need to authorize the domain or IP address that will use your chatbot to keep your chatbot secure.
  6. You can also test how your chatbot responds before making it live on your website via our chat “Playground”. Note that playground chats count against your allotted monthly chat credits.
  7. Finally, you can choose the channel on which your chatbot will appear. Options include Websites/web applications, Viber, FB Messenger, and more. By selecting “websites”, Chaital will give you two bits of code you need to copy-paste into your website footer.
  8. Refresh your website and you should now have a Chaital AI chatbot button ready to use in the lower right of your website!

OpenAI powered GPT-3 Chatbot developed by EACOMM Corporation

I built my first chatbot, what now?

Build more chatbots! Chaital lets you build an unlimited number of chatbots from your one account. Build chatbots for multiple websites, mobile apps, back-office systems, etc. Need more complex AI-based systems? EACOMM can help you design and develop unique and innovative AI-powered systems for your business. Contact EACOMM Corporation at info@eacomm.com for more information.