Your New Customized HRIS and Payroll Software – A Competitive Advantage

Organizations don’t always think about how to get the most out of HRIS and Payroll software when hiring, managing, paying, and training employees. Often, organizations use different web-based or off-the-shelf solutions for one or more of these tasks, which complicates the processes and report-making. Using multiple off-the-shelf solutions to manage the different parts of HR and payroll can be hard and time-consuming, especially for large organizations. Also, off-the-shelf systems don’t always work for HR management because they don’t take into account the unique reports and policies of their organization.

The best way to solve these problems is with a Fully Customized HRIS and Payroll System. A custom solution would let you combine processes and reports across different modules and functions. It would also let you connect with existing systems developed internally or by other companies. Lastly, the software can monitor and manage any unique business process your organization might have.

Cutting-Edge Custom HRIS and Payroll System

Our custom HRIS and Payroll system has undergone several iterations over the years as we strive to keep it running on the latest technologies. This includes business intelligence in the form of dashboards and dynamic reports that can be customized for the end user:

EACOMM has also accelerated the deployment and customization of its HRIS and payroll system through the adoption of microservice architecture. This allows us to deploy only the needed modules for the client as well as easily modify and add custom modules as needed.

We are also starting to integrate Artificial Intelligence Components into the system. This includes AI components for the HRIS and Payroll such as:

  • AI Chatbots: A chatbot assists and guides employees in company processes such as filing for leave or applying for a new position.
  • AI-enable Search: Search, sort, filter, and summarize Applicant Resumes based on the skill sets needed.
  • AI-based employee evaluation: Bias-free computation of KPIs and automated ratings on soft skills through sentiment analysis of peer feedback.
  • Training and Development: Creation of individualized training programs for new and existing employees.

HRIS and Payroll System Components

EACOMM’s HRIS and Payroll System is deployed with different features and modules. These modules can be fully customized for the client. Additionally, the client can select which modules and features they want or need in their system.

Manpower Database

This module sets up the company’s manpower plan, showing the current manpower and the needed skills. Also, if the company needs a specific position or skill, the system can assign personnel for training or request additional personnel.

  1. Manage the manpower database
  2. Sets the personnel positions hierarchically
  3. Manage the skills needed for the personnel positions
  4. Set job descriptions and personnel position qualification

Source, Select & Hire Employee

This module manages the personnel requests of the organization. The requests will come from the Manpower Database module when a position is vacant or a skill is needed.

  1. View personnel requests and job vacancies
  2. Automatically posts job vacancies
  3. Manage requests for personnel and job applications

Training & Development

This module manages the training and skills development of employees. Requests will come from the Manpower Database when employees need new skills and also to map out or develop their careers in the company.

  1. Manages employee training and career development
  2. Monitors employee training programs
  3. Manages employee internal career development

HR Plans & Program

This module manages the human resources plan which is guided by the corporate plans, vision, and mission goals of the company. The HR plan is based on the annual report of the company that consists of tangible targets and achievements from the previous year.

  1. Review and update the manpower plan
  2. Manage the Awards and Incentive Program
  3. Monitor Performance Targets

Attendance Monitoring

The system can connect to your choice of attendance and timekeeping system (RFID, Biometric, etc).

  1. Import Attendance and Timekeeping data from your choice of timekeeping device
  2. MMatch attendance and time-in/timeout with flexible staff work schedules
  3. Manage work-from-home schemes and multiple work shifts.

Employee Relationship Program (ER Program)

This module manages the relationship with the employees. Also, management can set up company policies and procedures in this module.

  1. Manage employees’ leave allowances, awards and incentives, and employee leave applications and approval.
  2. Review and monitor parameters for promotions, retirements, demotions, transfers, and termination.
  3. Set-ups parameters for disciplinary action.

Performance Measurement

This module manages the key performance indicators (KPIs) of employees.

  1. Monitor Performance Measurement results versus the targets
  2. Manage Infractions

Compensation and Benefits

This module manages the compensation, monetary and non-monetary benefits of the employees. Also includes the Payroll & Benefits sub-module which processes the payroll of the employees.

  1. Manage compensation as well as monetary and non-monetary benefits
  2. Generates the  payroll and manages payroll deductions from infractions and remittances
  3. Print Payslips
  4. Process remittances (SSS, Philhealth, Withholding Tax, etc.)

201 File Module

This module manages the master file of every employee.

Deploying a Custom HRIS and Payroll System for your Organization

EACOMM has deployed custom HRIS and payroll systems for both corporate and government clients with thousands of employees managed by our systems. We have over two decades of custom software development experience and over 50 experienced developers and support personnel ready to respond to your requirements. Amongst the software developers in the Philippines, EACOMM is the ideal partner for your custom HRIS and payroll project.

Our partnership starts with a detailed discussion of your existing HR workflows. From here we can determine which modules are apt and how much customization is needed. After that, system customization and deployment can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. Throughout the project, we will work with you to ensure that the system captures all the processes you need automated. Through constant feedback, communication, and testing, we are confident your HRIS and Payroll System will become one of your competitive advantages.

Contact EACOMM Corporation today, and let’s start on your Custom HRIS and Payroll System.