What’s New with IBM SPSS Statistics 29: Now For Sale in the Philippines

EACOMM Corporation, in line with its partnership with IBM is now offering IBM SPSS Statistics 29 in the Philippines. SPSS stands for “Statistical Package for the Social Sciences.” It is a software program used for statistical analysis, data management, and data visualization. SPSS is widely used in various fields, including social sciences, psychology, economics, business, health sciences, and more, to analyze and interpret data for research, decision-making, and reporting purposes.

Here are some key features and functions of SPSS:

  1. Data Management: SPSS allows users to import, clean, transform, and organize data. It provides tools for data entry, recoding variables, and handling missing data.
  2. Statistical Analysis: SPSS offers a wide range of statistical techniques, including descriptive statistics, hypothesis testing (e.g., t-tests, chi-square tests, ANOVA), regression analysis, factor analysis, cluster analysis, and more.
  3. Data Visualization: Users can create various types of charts, graphs, and plots to visualize data and present results effectively.
  4. Automation: SPSS provides a user-friendly graphical interface for conducting analyses, but it also supports command-line scripting for advanced users who want to automate tasks and customize analyses.
  5. Data Export: It allows users to export analysis results, tables, and graphs to other software applications for further reporting and publication.
  6. Integration: SPSS can integrate with other data sources and formats, such as databases and spreadsheets, to facilitate data import and export.
  7. Advanced Analytics: In addition to traditional statistical methods, SPSS offers advanced analytics capabilities, including machine learning algorithms and text analytics for more complex data analysis tasks.

IBM SPSS Statistics 29 introduces several new features and enhancements. Here’s an overview of what’s new:

IBM SPSS Statistics 29 Philippines
Source: https://community.ibm.com/community/user/ai-datascience/blogs/kennia-garcia/2022/08/08/whats-new-in-spss-statistics-29
  1. New Procedures:
    • Linear OLS Alternatives: This release includes new extensions for linear regression, such as Elastic Net, Lasso, and Ridge regression.
    • Parametric Accelerated Failure Time (AFT) Models: A new procedure allows for the fitting of accelerated failure time models with survival data.
    • Pseudo-R2 Measures: Pseudo-R2 measures and the intra-class correlation coefficient are now available in Linear Mixed Models and Generalized Linear Mixed Models output.
  2. Command Syntax:
    • The command syntax for various procedures has been updated to include the new features and options introduced.
  3. Python and R Upgrades:
    • SPSS Statistics 29 comes with upgraded versions of Python (3.10.4) and R (4.2.0).
  4. Removal of Ability to Hide Unselected Cases:
    • The ability to hide unselected cases in the Data Editor has been removed. Unselected cases are no longer hidden when a subset of cases is selected.
  5. Violin Plots:
    • The Graphboard Template Chooser now includes violin plots, which are used to visualize the distribution of numerical data. These plots show both summary statistics and data density.
  6. Workbook Mode Enhancements:
    • Two new toolbar items have been added to workbook mode: “Show/Hide all syntax windows” and “Clear all output.” These additions enhance the functionality of workbook mode.
    • A new button on the Status bar allows users to switch between Classic (Output and Syntax) and Workbook modes, providing more flexibility in the workspace.
  7. Search Enhancements:
    • The Search feature has been improved, allowing users to enter terms directly in a toolbar field and view search results in a drop-down pane for a more efficient search experience.

These new features and enhancements aim to improve the functionality and usability of IBM SPSS Statistics 29, making it a more powerful tool for data analysis and statistical modeling. Users can take advantage of these updates to streamline their workflow and gain deeper insights from their data.

By purchasing IBM SPSS Statistics 29 from EACOMM Corporation, your organization will benefit from local support in the installation and use of this powerful software. Contact Us Today to know more!