EACOMM presents new AI technology at the 2023 Procurement Summit

EACOMM Corporation, a leading Filipino-owned custom software developer specializing in AI technology, IoT, web, and mobile applications, was honored to be invited to participate at the recently concluded 2023 Philippine Procurement Summit, held on October 23–24, 2023, at the Philippine International Convention Center and organized by the Government Procurement Policy Board Technical Support Office (GPPB-TSO). The event revolved around the theme “Building a Cadre of Procurement Professionals as Catalysts for Innovation and Competitiveness.”

AI Technology presented in Philippine Procurement Summit

The Philippine Procurement Summit is an annual event that serves as a platform for government procurement practitioners and suppliers to converge, exchange knowledge, and explore innovative strategies to transform the procurement landscape. The summit’s focus on building a cadre of procurement professionals reflects the desire to equip participants with the skills and insights needed to drive innovation and enhance competitiveness within their organizations.

EACOMM Corporation seized this opportunity to demonstrate its expertise in the field of AI technology and its transformative potential for government services. Senior System Architect Karlo Martin Robosa delivered a presentation on various AI-related projects undertaken by EACOMM over the past decade, with an emphasis on generative AI use cases in the Philippines, particularly in government. During his presentation, Mr. Robosa shed light on EACOMM’s ongoing and past AI projects, including chatbots, analytics, machine learning, and IBM Watson integrations.

The 2023 Procurement Summit was an enriching and inspiring event, and EACOMM Corporation is proud to have been part of this gathering of professionals who are committed to advancing the field of procurement. The summit demonstrated the transformative power of procurement in driving innovation and competitiveness, ultimately shaping the future of government operations and supplier relationships.

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